Each 10-minute episode of THE SHOW ME SHOW will be available for purchase and download. This way, the viewer can, literally, “take the show on the road,” within a portable handheld device. The viewer will also have the ability to choose their adventure with the characters. (More on this coming up!)

Our puppet cast, led by Noel, always addresses the viewer at home. After all, it’s a show, and the viewer is the audience, as well as part of the cast. Kids have an inborn urge to explore and investigate the world through their senses, to make connections between what is familiar and what is new, to construct knowledge from experience, and to master new skills. The characters all talk directly to the camera to encourage the viewer to actively participate in the show. This interactivity helps the young viewer to better understand the day’s “star.”

One — and just one — “guest star” is featured each show: a number, a shape, a color, or a sound. The guest star is that theme’s specific example. The guest star of a number show could be “6” or “zero.” The star of a “shape show,” might be a “circle” or the shape of the human “hand.” Allowing the theme to be just one shape, sound, color, or number per episode keeps the show focused and facilitates learning and retention for the kids at home. By focusing on early science and mathematics, THE SHOW ME SHOW encourages kids to ask questions and solve problems that will naturally spill over into their play.

Each 10-minute episode will also feature a social skill lesson the viewer will recognize and then be able to utilize in their own life, through the visual example of the characters. Once the guest star is revealed, for example the color “blue,” and Fynnias and Taylor each want to do their own thing for it, Noel would ask you who you want to help — Fynnias to create a story or Taylor to create a song. Then, since it’s been downloaded, the viewer can click their choice and the story will go in that direction. And once done, the viewer can go back and click the other character for a totally different storyline but with the same guest star. So clicking on Taylor may result in the storyline with Fynnias learning how to deal with disappointment. Then clicking on him for the alternate story, Taylor learns how to deal with change when it starts to occur during her best-laid plans.