HAPPY 2016!


Well, we are officially ten days into the new year. Hope it’s been “so far, so good” for you.

For those of you who are new, this is the official site for my project, THE SHOW ME SHOW. I want to create an online/downloadable series for kids of autism and special needs (and their families and friends). You can click on the “About” link to find out more. Last year was the Indiegogo campaign that I launched to raise the funds for creating it. I did not reach my goal for funding the series. However – I did raise enough to create this site, thanks to the talent of Idria Barone Knecht. (And if you ever want killer websites designed for you, here’s her link:


I will also be able to add to the cast with the creation of “Taylor,” the brother of “Fynnias,” who loves to make up songs and sing them. (For more cast bios, just click the “Cast” link above.) She will come to be thanks to the immense talent of (and former Jim Henson Company designer and builder),  Mr. James Wojtal, Jr. Here is his social media and contact info should YOU want/need a character that rocks:



And most exciting of all, I can produce AN ALBUM! Yes! I remember when I had records back when they were the norm and not the novelty. I loved the ones where there was dialogue that linked the songs together. Thus, “THE SHOW ME SHOW – The Album” will be just that. In a way, it will be a radio version of the show. The songs will be written by such friends of mine as Peter Lurye (who was the musical director for “Disney’s Bear in the Big Blue House,” among other kids show), Jim Camacho (composer of my Bronx Zoo shows created for their annual Boo-at-the-Zoo Halloween celebration as well as an award winning musician: here’s his link: http://www.jimcamacho.com), Jamie Theurich (musician and resident “dino troubadour” for interactive educational park, Field Station: Dinosaur, in Seacaucus N.J.), THE POP UPS (the award-winning team of Jason Rabinowitz & Jacob Stein: https://www.facebook.com/thepopups/?fref=ts) and Paul Rudolph (musical director for  “Sesame Street“), to name a few. We will record the songs at BeatStreet Studios, the same location where we recorded the music and voice-overs for the PBS series “Between the Lions.” (Here’s their link: http://beatstreetnyc.com)

Once the album is ready, it will be one of the “perks” offered to donors in April. Then in the fall of 2016, it will be available to all. (Now that IS a perk!)

That’s all for now, but I will be updating this site with news and such when it happens. And it’s nice to know that it’s starting to happen!

Your host,


HAPPY 2016!