“The Advent of Kindness”


Tis the season for giving, for sharing, and for celebrating friendship and family. It’s when many of us count down the days with an advent calendar, with a treat (of a toy or candy – or both) each day.

We here at THE SHOW ME SHOW have our own version:



And YOU can do it, too.

Just write down 25 random acts of kindness, simple little gestures, you can do¬†each day. Fold them and put them in a jar (or a gift box or even a stocking). Then each day, shake the jar, reach in, and pull out that day’s kindness.

Here’s my video about it on our YouTube channel, THE SHOW ME SHOW CHANNEL.

You can also follow the advent on instagram (nmacneal) and on Twitter (@Noelyourhost).

Have fun with this season of celebration!


“The Advent of Kindness”