The Show Me Show MUST Go On!

Hello! Welcome back to THE SHOW ME SHOW website!

Well the recent crowdfunding campaign (starting on Kickstarter and ending on Indiegogo) did not raise the funds for a complete online episode.


However – it DID raise enough funds to continue to develop and create exposure and awareness for THE SHOW ME SHOW!


What does this mean? It is now part of the five year plan for THE SHOW ME SHOW. The timeline is:

  • FIVE YEARS from now THE SHOW ME SHOW will be a full series! But that time all of the following will have come to play a part in getting the full, proper tuning needed to get it produced.


  • THREE YEARS from now there will be a full EPISODE of THE SHOW ME SHOW! A complete episode to show off and help attract the full funding needed for the full series.


  • Between NOW & THEN, the site will develop more content from myself and my highly creative friends (& you know who you are); a channel┬áto be created (possibly on Vimeo); Fynnias’ sister, “Taylor,” will be created (by puppeteer & character designer James Wojtal, Jr.); a NEW MUSIC VIDEO starring Fynnias AND a NEW SONG for Taylor & Noel (all from musician┬áJim Camacho); and THE SHOW ME SHOW Shop for with all proceeds going back to developing the show.

Now what can YOU do? Share this link, the Facebook page, and the Twitter account (@Noelyourhost) and the site with others and tell them about THE SHOW ME SHOW.

Have a great summer!

The Show Me Show MUST Go On!