I want you to meet “Josh.” And his brother, “Sean.”

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Hi again.IMG_3593

O.K., when I first saw this, I was speechless, completely gobsmacked (which is a Brit term referring to speechlessness as a result of being smacked in the side of the head with a two-by-four) and so many emotions. This was created as a public “thank you” to me. I truly was, and will as be, humbled by this. I’m so proud of the legacy Bear has left for so many families.

That’s how THE SHOW ME SHOW came to be.
BEAR IN THE BIG BLUE HOUSE left the airwaves of Playhouse Disney (now Disney Jr.) in 2006 after four seasons and around 118 episodes, and many Daytime Emmy nominations (one them for me for “Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series”). In 2005 we did the “spin off” series, WAKE UP WITH BEAR, which was segments as wrap aprons for existing cartoon shows, that were shot in the actual homes of children. And let me tell you: human doorways were no fitted for a bear’s girth. But I digress.

Since Bear ended, I’ve received fan emails from the kids who watched the show – most of whom are now graduating high school and in college – and also from moms. Moms of kids with autism and special needs, some of who say their kids still watch (the few episodes on dvd and vhs of) Bear. It’s still a soothing, comforting, safe place for them. And they’re right: Bear and his home and family of friends was a lovely place to be. Compared to today’s programming and I realized that. Today, on any of the “kid” networks, there is not one show like Bear or Mister Rogers. A show that is no loud and in-your-face. And that’s when I decided to create one.IMG_3594

And let me tell you – creating your own network TV show, especially one for kids is NOT easy. (But that’s another post of exactly why.) Right now THE SHOW ME SHOW will eventually be an online series that families can download. Research has shown that kids with autism and special needs respond to iPads and similar portal tablets. Thus, downloading THE SHOW ME SHOW they can, literally, take the show on the road.

First things first: exposure. Getting the word out and the needed attention for THE SHOW ME SHOW through:

this website, the Facebook page (,

the Twitter account (,

the Instagram account (via me:

More content and visuals, including videos (like this classic from this years Indiegogo campaign, which is set up to be ON GOING; YES, you can STILL contribute: The newest video, starring Fynnias and myself (as “myself”) is being developed and will be coming. And that first video does have an impact. We saw how much Josh liked it. It shows that what I want to accomplish with THE SHOW ME SHOW is working.

And THAT’S why I’m creating THE SHOW ME SHOW.